Covid-19 clean up Rapid Response 

I want to thank our rapid response team for the fantastic hard work and effort shown during these troubling times.

Our key workers completed several hours of H&S training whilst we have appointed former/experienced decontamination operatives,  that have targeted virus & hygiene deep cleaning,  precautions and techniques Friday. All in preparation for a Covid -19 virus Hygiene clean and decontamination to the public areas of a local authority,  high rise building on the same day.

Trust and confidence is shown in our ability,  by our client when instructing us to carry out this critical work, they have been rewarded with a fantastic job completed without incident.

Areas cleaned were screened off and access controlled by our security officers, during this Hygiene clean and decontamination. The waste was removed safely and immediately from site.  Leaving the area safe for public use, only hours after the initial contamination was alerted to our management team.

Well done again and thank you all.   I want to say a Special thank you to our Decontamination operatives who are placing themselves at a higher risk to halt, further contamination whilst battling the spread.