Office Kitchen Cleaning Processes

Commercial office cleaning checklists

Commercial office cleaning companies will often use checklists to make sure they have covered every area of their working environment.

One of the dirtiest and most in need of professional attention is the office kitchen, with a number of things commonly missed in the casual cleaning process over the daily running of a business.

Working to a checklist can be extremely helpful to commercial cleaners who have a large area to cover or multiple clients in one day, so we’re sharing the best practices to put together an office kitchen cleaning checklist.

Cleaning an office kitchen

More than ever since the coronavirus pandemic we as human beings have become more conscious of the cleanliness of our surroundings.

In most areas of the office, only a few people will use each area on a daily basis but the kitchen is the place where almost everyone congregates at one point or another over their working day and as a result, the high traffic areas of your kitchen need the most attention and will need cleaning every single day to make sure you are providing a clean and healthy space for employees to be in.

Office kitchen cleaning checklist

Indeed, no two kitchens are the same and it will vary as to what needs to be done and how regularly depending on the footfall and size of your business and the office kitchen.

Here are some of the basic tasks that need to be undertaken daily:

– All surfaces wiped down with anti-bacterial
– Floor cleaning
– Dishwasher, microwave and other appliance cleans
– Cleaning sinks and taps
– Washing up done with cutlery, mugs and plates put away


Cleaning surfaces and floors

In the cleanest of office environments surface cleaning will be undertaken throughout the day, however, in extremely busy office environments we understand this may not also be possible.

A full surface cleaning at the end of the day by your commercial cleaning team will eliminate stains and provide a safe environment for your employees every single day when they are preparing their lunch and using the space over their shift.

Floor cleaning is less likely to be a quick task undertaken by employees as they use your office kitchen.

A thorough clean of flooring again will be done by your commercial cleaning team at the end of the day to not only provide a clean environment but improve the longevity of the flooring that will experience high footfall.

Sinks and taps

Just like surfaces, sinks and taps should be cleaned regularly and in the best environments several times a day.

Again, if that is not possible your cleaning team will give your sinks and taps a full wipe down and thorough clean at the end of the day to ensure no bad bacteria builds up and it is safe to use for employees the very next day.

Having a clean as you go policy on mugs, cutlery and plates should be an important part of the employee experience to ensure everyone can enjoy their break in a clutter-free and clean environment.

Emptying bins

This will be a task undertaken daily by your commercial cleaners and should not really be necessary for your employees to take ownership on.

Overfilling and bad odours can make your office kitchen an extremely unpleasant place to be in and can attract insects or in worse cases rodents, so employing a daily cleaning team to take care of it will give you peace of mind.

Dishwasher and appliances

Appliances are often overlooked as essential cleaning priorities but a good daily clean can improve the longevity of appliances and ensure they are high-functioning every single day for employees to use.

Businesses with a large number of employees will see these appliances from the kettle, toaster and hob to the dishwasher and refrigerator used hundreds of times a day, meaning they can quickly build up bad bacteria, so it’s a daily cleaning essential.


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