Where to Target Your Office Cleaning

The dirtiest areas of the office are often the places you haven’t even considered to clean which is why many businesses employ a commercial office cleaning company, such as CMS Solutions, to ensure that every inch of the office is covered.

With open-plan design becoming the new normal in the modern office we are moving around our workplace more than ever to achieve our daily tasks and collaborative projects, which means multiple people are using multiple areas of the office more often. With that being said, we’re sharing the dirtiest areas of the office.


Your desk!

Even if you operate in an organised manner in your personal working space, your desk is highly likely to have 400 times more germs than your toilet seat at home!

Most of these germs are found on and around your phone, as well as on the desks surface which is home to a breeding ground for dangerous bacteria that can affect your wellbeing in the most serious cases.

Regular and meticulous cleaning of your desk and everything on top of it is essential to ensure you eliminate the chances of getting sick from the bacteria growing on the surfaces.


Lift buttons & door handles

In the hustle and bustle of the modern office people are coming and going all the time usually entering and exiting in the same area so it is not hard to see why lift buttons and door handles are some of the dirtiest areas of the workplace.

Buttons and door handles are isolated areas so if somebody with bacteria on their hands touches the small area the chances of that spreading are extremely high as you are much more likely to come into contact with the area contaminated.

Setting up hand sanitiser stations in the reception area of your office and where there is likely to have a high foot-fall of traffic will give you the best opportunity to spark cleanliness in employees, clients and customers in those concentrated areas, and hopefully reduce the amount of unsafe bacteria transferred.

Otherwise, regular cleaning of these small areas is the best way to eliminate the chances of bacteria being sent around the office.


Kitchen and break-out areas

Another area of the office that you would expect to be one of the cleanest due to the fact your employees will eat there more often than not – the kitchen and break-out areas.

The office kitchen sink is the biggest culprit for harbouring harmful bacteria with a number of hands touching the taps and plug multiple times a day.

The sink also is where we wash away food and drink residue which is one of the biggest reasons it is one of the dirtiest areas of the office.

Indeed, you may have polished up your plates and cups well but the sink will be left behind with traces of food that if left can develop a huge amount of harmful bacteria that could make your colleagues very ill.

Employing a professional office cleaning company will help you to avoid the build up of bacteria around these areas of the office, as expert cleaners like CMS – who offer our commercial office cleaning services throughout Birmingham and the West Midlands – have a wealth of experience and knowledge on not only getting into those areas you may forget, but also making sure the clean is carried out to the highest standard: contact us now!